Printmaking Today award winning Artist: Kevin Holdaway, has been the Senior Technical Instructor in Printmaking, at De Montfort University, since 1990. Although born in Hampshire, he has lived in Leicestershire since graduating with a Fine Art degree in 1989. He teaches a wide range of traditional printmaking techniques including: relief, screen printing and intaglio, and enjoys passing on his skills to others who share his passion for print. Kevin is an internationally exhibited Artist, and has been the Master Printer for various others including Fluxus Artist Alison Knowles and Concrete Poet Edwin Morgan. He also volunteers as a technical advisor at Milton Keynes Printmakers on a regular basis and has taught workshops demonstrating techniques across England. He is a member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers.

Though mainly working with imagery of a topological and personal nature, his work encompasses all traditional techniques in printmaking and on a wide variety of subject matter. An enthusiasm for the urban environment, cityscapes and architecture, creates a clear foundation for much of his work. His experiences of these environments are worked into image form, with the intention of reflecting the memories he associates with these spaces and his initial feelings on first contact with them. His prints are made up of many components, some are of a topographical nature, others are more concerned with monumentalism, but all of his works explore pattern, tone, historical context, artistic references and social comment. “I like to invite the viewer into the work and explore. To take a journey through the many visual layers involved and to discover or reveal something of the moment I experienced, or that they may have.”